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Cheers by TressAllure

Cheers by TressAllure


What is it? A gorgeous mid-long bob with a soft wave front and light voluptuous bouncy “S”curls that fall gently below thecollar in a full bob back.


Who is it for? For anyone looking for modern light curls, length and volume without any of theweight or bull.


Why is it different? It’s incredibly lightweight, easy to wear, and has a hand-knotted, ultra-sheermonofilament top and front for an undetectable hair line and can be parted anywhere. It can beworn with full curls or with light bouncy waves that boasts lots of natural movement. Curl Intensefeatures our exclusive proprietary technologies including, Sheer ComfortMono Top Lace Frontcap to keep you cool and comfortable and our soft, light, and natural exclusive synthetic Style-Able Effortless™ fiber that was developed to match the same thickness and weight as finehuman hair. Available TressDimensional® colors inwarm brunettes, cool blondes, radiant reds,and gorgeous greys


How do I use it? Simply tuck your own hair into the cap of the wig, or you may wish to use a wigcap liner (that comes with every TressAllure Wig). Place the wig on your head and positionatthe hairline. For a customized comfort fit, use the adjustable Velcro tabs at the side of your wigto adjust the cap for a comfortable fit. Tuck in any stray hairs

  • Specifications

    Bangs: 3 ½”

    Crown: 10”-8”

    NapeAverage Cap Size: 21 ½”

    Weight 4.12 oz. [117 gm.]

  • Color Chart

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