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Gilded 18" by Raquel Welch

Gilded 18" by Raquel Welch

$1,595.00 Regular Price
$1,355.75Sale Price

Offering the same construction as Gilded 12″, this human hair top piece is the perfect answer for women with longer length hair. An ample base conceals fine or thinning hair at the crown with extra volume and coverage to give you the long, full hair you've always wanted.

  • Specifications

    Lace Front Monofilament Top

    100% Human Hair

    Front: 18″

    Crown: 18″

    Sides: 18″

    Back: 18″

    Base: 6½” x 6¾”

    Weight: 5.25 oz

    Color Shown: SS14/25 SS Honey Ginger

  • Color Chart

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