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Are all wig caps created equally?

The style and cap construction you chose will depend greatly on your needs. There are a few things that generally are deciding factors ... price, lifestyle, and temporary versus permanent hair loss.


If you looking to purchase a wig for temporary hair loss, keeping the cost down, or want a low maintenance style then the classic wefted, machine made, open cap or capless cap construction would be the best for you. With this type of cap construction, the hair fibers are machine or hand sewn into strips of material called a weft. These strips are inter-connected in horizontal panels going back and forth over the entire cap. This provides overlapping layers of hair and simulates natural hair growth. These types of wigs are easy to care for, wear and offer a lower price point.

Open Cap construction means that the wefts are less dense and have more space between them. This provides a lighter weight cap with better air circulation. New advancements in stretch technology now provides Open Cap constructions with thin resilient dual elastic sides that provides comfort and a precise all day fit. Open Cap wigs will have adjustment straps behind the ears to allow the wig to be sized down for a more snug fit.

An Open Cap construction can have a lace front, monofilament part, or monofilament crown.

Classic Wefted Open Top/Capless


Machine Made



If you are looking for a wig with a natural appearance of hair growth on the top of the head, then a monofilament wig may be the best choice. Monofilament is a translucent material the hair fibers are hand-tied with knots, allowing the hair fibers to move multi-directional throughout. There are a variety locations for the monofilament material; top, part, or crown.

  • Mono Top - allows for the most natural appearance and flexibility of parting throughout the top of you head. It gives the most natural appearance of hair growth all over the top of the head. You can part your hair on either side or in the middle.

  • Mono Part - monofilament is limited to only the part, giving the appearance of hair growth at the part only. This type limits you to a part on one side of your head.

  • Mono Crown - monofilament is limited to the crown only. This type of monofilament only provides for a natural appearance at the crown, typically used for styles that don't have a part.

Mono Top Mono Part Mono Crown



Lace front provides you with a natural looking hairline, giving the illusion that hair is growing out of your head. This enables you to pull you hair back off your face for more flexible styling options. Sometimes the lace front is partnered with the monofilament top, part or crown proving an even more natural appearance.


If you are looking for the most natural looking wig, then 100% hand tied with a monofilament top and lace front is the best choice. With this type of cap construction each hair is individually hand tied, creating the appearance of natural growth. This cap is very soft, comfortable and feels the most natural. It is also more expensive then the other caps. For those with permanent hair loss, this may be the most comfortable, but you're going to pay a higher cost as well.

With all this said ... there is no right or wrong cap construction. It really depends on your need and how much you're willing to pay.

For me personally, I wear them all. I throw on the cheaper, no thrills, machine made wig to go to the gym or do physical activity where I might mess it up. I will wear the lace front, mono part or mono top for every day use. A nice wig, but not too expensive, one that people won't "know" I'm wearing a wig. For those special occasions or when I want to pamper myself, I wear the 100% hand-tied, mono top, lace front wig ... and feel special!

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