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Find a Color You Love in the Style that Flatters You

Goal Number Two for New Wig Wearers: Find a Color You Love in the Style that Flatters You

In last week's blog, I suggested that the first goal a first-time wig buyer should have is finding a style they love and flatters them. Finding a style isn't as easy as it seems. My first instinct was to try wigs with hairstyles that I loved. Big, luscious, flowing locks of faux curly hair. Oh yeah! And that was a mistake. I don't like how most curly wigs look on me. At least, I didn't like curly wigs when I first started wearing wigs. My taste in wigs has changed over time, but that's a blog for another day. My point is this; I'm sure if I had bought my first curly wig online, I would have been disappointed and so discouraged. Honestly, nothing else matters in the end – not the color, type of fiber, or anything else. If you don't like how the style of that wig looks on you, nothing else will make you happy with that wig. So try on as many styles are you can – even if the wigs you are trying on are bargain brand wigs. Just find a style you love.

Once you have found a style you love, your second goal needs to be finding a color you love on you.

Finding a color is not as easy as it seems. I don't like all colors on me - usually. For example, I typically dislike how black hair looks on me. I cannot tell you why; I just don't like how I look with black hair. However, there is one wig – Reese by Noriko – that I love in the color Cappuccino. I tried Reese in four different colors, and I liked how I looked with Reese in Cappuccino the best. And that surprised me because the other colors were blondes, reds, and brunettes – my favorite colors. So I learned that I could like a style in one color but not like the same style in another color. I also learned another way - the hard way. (Check out my color compare video on Lori's Lemonade Stand YouTube Channel)

One of my all-time favorite wigs is Simmer by Raquel Welch in color Shaded Platinum. Oh, how I love this wig. It's the first curly wig that I really loved on me. Copper Reds and Platinum Blondes are usually my favorite colors. Given that, I thought I would buy Simmer in my other favorite color - Fiery Copper. And guess what! I didn't like Simmer nearly as much in Fiery Copper. In fact, I do not think Simmer would have gone on my favorites list if I had purchased her in Fiery Copper first. But I absolutely love how Simmer in Shaded Platinum looks, and it's one of my all-time favorite wigs. Ironically, I think I purchased the Shaded Platinum because it was on clearance and the only color left. (Raquel Welch Simmer in color Fiery Copper Wig Review)

At this point, you may be asking yourself how you will know which color looks best on you. And you can look online and find advice like – don't go too many shades past your natural color or be sure to match your skin tone.

But my advice is this: Put the wig on your head and see - with your own eyes - what it looks like on you in that color.

You will know - when you see it on your head - whether you like it or not. There really is no science behind it. It's what you like, and only you know that. I tried on several red wigs that I didn't like on me and almost gave up on wearing red wigs when I tried one that I loved. And after that, red became one of my favorite wig colors. But it must be the right color of red. So, if you can, try on the wig you are interested in purchasing in several colors to see if you like that particular style better in one color compared to another. It truly is something you have to take on a case-by-case basis.

If you don't have the opportunity to try a wig in several different colors before purchasing it, then I suggest choosing a shade close to your natural hair color, so you are not too shocked by the difference.

Always remember Lori's Lemonade Stand is here to help you turn your lemons into lemonade! Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

by @ Penny Jane Love

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