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Why Are In-Store Prices Higher Than Internet Prices?

Here are Lori's Lemonade Stand we strive to be competitively priced at our Internet Store, as well as at our Boutique. I've been asked why my prices are higher in my boutique versus on my website.

The in-store price are typically 15% more than on my website mainly to cover the customer service you receive while in the store. Here are some examples why my boutique prices are 15% more than on my website:

  1. In my boutique you have the ability to try on as many wigs as you want to determine what fits and looks best on you. You are not limited to trying on 3 only, like my competitors. You get to chose what you want to try on versus being told what you should try on. We have over 400 wigs & toppers in stock for you to chose from. If we don't have the color or style you want in stock, we will gladly order it for you with no obligation to purchase.

  2. We perform a quality check of all wigs we receive into the boutique and prepare them for customer wear. Comb, style if needed, wash if needed, etc. Typically when you receive a wig directly from the manufacturer it has what’s known as “box head”. The wig is shaped like a box. Sometimes it’s as easy as shaking the wig, sometimes it takes putting the steamer to the wig.

  3. Any customization of the wig (trimming the bangs, making the wig cap larger/smaller, etc) is included in the boutique price. If you purchase a wig in our boutique, we teach you how to put the wig on and how to maintain your wig. Personal touch.

  4. Consultations are free and you are given personal one-on-one attention to help and guide you through the wig purchasing process.

We hope this helps you understand.

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