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How to Select The Right Wig for Your Face Shape

When purchasing a wig online it can be very frustrating .... everything looks great on the model, but when you get it home and put it one it looks horrible! Maybe you aren't choosing the right wig for your face shape. Below is a practical guide to help shed some light. I hope this helps!

DIAMOND [reduce width at the sides]

The Diamond Shaped Face is characterized by a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. Diamond shaped faces need narrow sides and fullness at the chin. Bobs work very well for this shape. Avoid wearing height on top or volume on the sides. Use some fringe or bang to cover narrow forehead.

HEART [add volume at the chin]

The Heart Shaped Face is characterized by a wider forehead (often with a widow’s peak) and a narrower. chin. Bring some hair onto the forehead to disguise its width. Keep hair close to the head at the eyes but make it slightly full around the jaw, and below and in front of the earlobes

OBLONG [add softness]

The Oblong Shaped Face is characterized by a very long, narrow bone structure. The client who has an oblong facial shape often has a long, thin neck. Use a fringe or half-bang across the forehead by creating soft waves or curls in the crown and nape areas. This helps to create the illusion of an oval.

OVAL [anything goes!]

As the name implies, the Oval Shaped Face is longer than wide, with a jaw that’s narrower than the cheekbones. Because the oval shaped face has no dominant areas and is so proportional, this face looks good with just about any hairstyle, length or texture.

PEAR [add volume above the jaw line]

The Pear Shaped Face is characterized by a small or narrow forehead and a rather large, pouchy-appearing jaw line. Comb hair to add width from the eye level through the crown of the head. Set and comb hair close to the head on the sides and at the nape

ROUND [avoid width]

The Round Shaped Face is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. The client may be overweight and her neck may appear short. These faces look very good with a geometric or linear style. Add height, when possible, and long, wispy side areas to make the cheeks look narrow. Comb hair close to the head on the side and at the nape.

SQUARE [avoid straight lines]

The Square Shaped Face is characterized by a wide hairline and jaw. Square shaped faces need height on top and narrowness at the sides. Comb the hair off the forehead to add height to the face. Curly texture and wisps of hair around the face break the wide, straight lines common to the square face.

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