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Instagram and YouTube

- Great Resources for New Wig Wearers

If you are new to the wig world, it is hard to know where to start. In my last two blogs, I offered suggestions for finding your first wig. The main point to take from those previous blogs is that you need to try on as many wigs as possible to find a style and color you love. Today, I want to suggest other great resources that helped me expand my knowledge of wigs.

I have never been shy about telling people I wear wigs. In fact, I probably tell more than I should. I will tell strangers. I imagine they all think I am the crazy wig lady. I do not care. It's something I'm proud of now. But it was not always that way. When I first started wearing wigs, I only told my close friends. One of my close friends encouraged me to start wearing other styles for fun.

On a whim one day, I went to a local beauty store and purchased three wigs for $100.00.

My son's friend was visiting when I got home with the new wigs, and he needed to take pictures for his photography class. He talked me into letting him take my pictures with the new wigs. And the photos turned out great. My son encouraged me to post them on Instagram, and that's when Penny Jane Love was created.

In setting up my Instagram account, I started seeing a HUGE wig community on the platform. I had no idea! I scrolled through Instagram for hours, reading post after post about wigs. And that started my wig passion! I love the wig community on Instagram. It has been so helpful in teaching me about wigs. So, if you haven't found a wig community yet, search #wigs on Instagram and the wig world will be opened up to you.

Make sure you follow Loris_Lemonade on Instagram!

The next thing you need to do is to find wig reviewers on YouTube. You want to find a least two wig reviewers, if not more. One wig reviewer should have a similar face shape and head dimensions – such as the length of their face from hairline to chin. The reason for this is that you want to know how the wig will look on you. Trust me when I tell you this does matter! I didn't think to do this when I first started watching wig reviewers. The wig reviewer I watched the most had very different features. I think I bought a couple of wigs that I thought looked amazing on her but didn't look amazing on me. That is when I realized I had to find someone who looked a little more like me. And you want to find at least one more wig reviewer to watch because everyone sees things differently and expresses things in their own way, and it's good to get several opinions about one wig before you purchase it. You want to get familiar with those wig reviewers because you want to understand how they communicate so that you see the wigs the way they see wigs – if that makes sense.

Between Instagram and YouTube, I learned everything I needed to know to get comfortable with both purchasing wigs and wearing them. Both are valuable resources for new wig wearers!

Make sure you subscribe to Lori’s Lemonade Stand YouTube Channel where there are a variety of people reviewing wigs in hopes you can connect with one of them, either by the way they communicate, skin color, face shape, style, etc.

Here at Lori’s Lemonade Stand we want to help you turn your lemons into lemonade!

by @ Penny Jane Love

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