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Jon Renau California Blonde Colors versus 12FS8

Understanding colors is very important when it comes to choosing your perfect wig. If you already wear Jon Renau blonde colors you are probably very familiar with what 12FS8 looks like. In this video Jon Renau is comparing this best seller to their newest California Blonde hues. We hope you find this useful when looking for your new favorite blonde.

Wigs used in this video: Blake 12FS8, Kim 12FS12, Blake FS24/102S12, Gwyneth 22F16S8, Carrie FS17/101S18.

  • 12FS8 (Shaded Praline) - Shaded root with dark brown (color 8) with equal colors of light golden brown (color 12), blends of light golden blonde (color 24B) and pale natural blonde (color 102). Warm Tone.

  • 12FS12 (Malibu Blonde) - Softer, lighter root color of light golden brown (color 12) with the same color blend as 12FS8 - blends of light golden blonde (color 24B) and pale natural blonde (color 102). Warm Tone.

  • FS24/102S12 (Laguna Blonde) - Lightest blonde in the collection. It has the same light root as Malibu Blonde, light golden brown (color 12) and transitions to a blend of honey (color 24) and platinum blonde tones (color 102). Warm Tone.

  • 22F16S8 (Venice Blonde) - Same root color as 12FS8 (color 8), but has a blend of sandy blonde and beige tones without the platinum highlight. Color 22 is a light ash blonde and color 16 is a light natural blonde. Cool Tone.

  • FS17/101S18 (Palm Springs Blonde) - The root is a soft shade of 18 which is a dark natural ash blonde, much lighter than the root color of 12FS8. It has a blend of pale blonde and icy platinum blend throughout. Cool Tone.

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