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Tips for Wearing Wigs in the Hot, Summer Months

It’s no secret that wearing wigs in the summer can be a miserable experience. But there are things you can do to help.

1. Try a synthetic wig instead of a human hair wig. Synthetic fibers are lighter than human hair and they hold their style better when things get hot and humid.

2. Consider wearing a half wig with a scarf or other wig products, such as the Halo Bob wig by Rene of Paris. These wigs are not full wigs and require you to wear scarves or hats, but they are much cooler. Also consider other hair accessories.

Here is a list of some halo wigs:

  • Halo by Rene of Paris

  • Wavy Bob Halo by Rene of Paris

  • Long Halo by Rene of Paris

  • Hat by Henry Margu

3. Choose shorter wigs over longer styles. Sleek bobs, wavy lobs and textured pixie’s are great choices. If you prefer longer wigs, choose wigs that you can put in an up-do.

4. Choose lighter, less dense wigs over heavy wigs. Weight and density affect how hot or cool the wig will be.

5. Dark color wigs will absorb more heat than lighter colors. Choose lighter color wigs to stay cooler.

6. Wear wigs that are not too snug. Caps that are a little loose will provide more air flow.

7. Consider purchasing wigs with caps that have wefts and are hair-tied with monofilament tops. They tend to be cooler. If you use glue to secure wig, remember they are water-soluble and the glue will no longer adhere if your head gets sweaty and wet.

8. Even though it seems counter-intuitive, wig caps can help by providing a moisture-absorbing layer between your scalp and the wig cap. There are caps you can purchase that are specifically made to absorb moisture and stay cooler. Wig grips can also help keep you cooler.

9. Anti-humidity spray on your wig will help eliminate tangles and frizz and will serve as deodorant and discourage sweat from forming around the wig cap.

We hope these tips are helpful!

By Penny Jane Love

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