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How to Travel with Alternative Hair

Jon Renau's Education Ambassador Sayde travels frequently for her work as a photographer. She's become something of an expert on the subject of traveling while wearing alternative hair! We asked her to share her best tips and tricks so you can enjoy your Summer vacation with all of the style and none of the headaches!


If traveling with multiple wigs, pack them safely in their retail boxes. Depending on where you’re traveling to, it can be routine for border officers to look through your bag. If you have your wigs safely stowed in their box, they won’t get damaged by a hurried suitcase rummage.


Bring one of your older wigs as a back-up just in case something happens to the main one you brought, such as getting lost or damaged. Having a spare along will give you that extra bit of reassurance. If it’s an older wig you don’t wear that often you won’t feel guilty if it never leaves your suitcase! Plus, if you’re going somewhere very hot or very cold, you can wear your older wig under caps and hats. This way you don’t risk damaging the lace or hair fiber on your favorite everyday wig!


Wear a short or mid-length wig while traveling through airports. I’ve been doing this to avoid the friction of a wig on the plane’s seat if I’m sitting (or napping) on a flight for hours at a time. It also means the straps of my carry-on don’t get tangled in the wig when I have to take the bag on and off for airport security checks and boarding processes.


Bring your own travel size shampoos and wig care products. I don’t know what’s in those hotel sample shampoos or how my wig fibers will respond to them. I always pack my own trusted products because I know they’re great! Also, always have a wide tooth comb handy for quick detangling and maintaining your wig style throughout the day.

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