The Perfect Fit - Cap Designs

The “perfect fit” isn’t only about sizing! Lifestyle, hair style and expectations of the system are all equally important when choosing the right cap.


Jon Renau Measuring Standards For Stock Systems


  1. Using a fabric measuring tape, hold measuring tape at front hairline

  2. Follow hairline circumference to base of hairline at nape

  3. Continue around head, back up to front starting point

Ear to Ear:

  1. Establish “top of head point” by measuring 7” back from front hairline

  2. Hold measuring tape at HAIRLINE at top of ear

  3. Measuring across “top of head point”, continue down to HAIRLINE at top of opposite ear

Front to Back:

  1. Hold measuring tape at front hairline

  2. Follow a straight line down center of head, ending at hairline at nape

Additional Note: If your three measurements are not exactly matched to any one of the standard sizes, choose the wig size that is indicated by the largest measurement.


Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How?

Who is this for? (learn more about your clients and what their needs are)

What lifestyle do you have? (ask about hobbies and other areas of their lifestyle?

When will you be wearing you alternative hair system? (Daily, Weekly, Special Occasions)

Where is the key feature for you? (comfort, appearance, ability to change style )