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Why Use a Steamer?

There are two main reasons to use a steamer.

ONE It can remove damage and frizz from synthetic and heat resistant synthetic fiber wigs. Comb through the fiber using a fine-tooth comb while steaming the fiber smooth.

TWO It can change the structure and style of the wig. In other words, the steamer can make a curly wig straight or a straight wig curly. To curl a synthetic wig, set hair on rollers, pin curl or hold on a round brush; apply steam.

IMPORTANT The use of the steamer will make the change in the fiber permanently until you apply steam again. It is recommended that this service be done by a professional wig stylist.

It is most important to remember that when you steam and then curl (even if only slightly), you MUST allow the fiber to COOL in order for the styling to be really set.


  • Styling of traditional synthetic fiber

  • Change a parting

  • Removing frizz from traditional and heat resistant synthetic fibers

  • Loosen or reshape curl

Information provided by Jon Renau

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